HippieFish Custom Fishing Rods - Custom

HippieFish Custom Fishing Rods - Custom

HippieFish Custom Rods

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At HippieFish Rods, we pride ourselves in providing the most unique, one of a kind, personalized custom fishing rods available. We like to use a wide array of materials…birch bark, feathers, digital camo, snakeskin, butterfly wings, bullet casings…these are just examples of items used in the past but our imagination together as a team building a rod is unlimited.

As we create your rod we will share pictures during the process to keep you a part of the build because we realize it’s not just about the fish. It’s about making memories with loved ones & friends, about peace of mind and about the freedom to be yourselves. Our rods will stir conversation with other anglers and will be passed down for generations. So, take a look at our page and see what we make. There are loads of pictures and more being added daily.

Fishing is my passion and building rods is a way to fuel this passion when the fish are not biting. We look forward to working with anyone interested.

Peace and tight lines to all!  

Jeremiah at HippieFish

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