American Hardwood Lures

Phil Drury has been making wire-thru musky lures for over 40 years and the quality & craftsmanship your getting here is unsurpassed. You know that proud feeling you get holding something absolutely solid and actually worth the money you've spent? Well here ya' go. We took both of these lures out - the Politician in black sucker and the J-Walker in walleye on a windy early September day in Canada last year and slayed them like knights jousting dragons. The Politician walks the dog smoothly - enticing even the most wary and the J-Walker...well the J-Walker just infuriates them! Truly explosive topwater action with both lures. The heavy epoxy coating is fantastic - after seven angry musky and ten feisty pike they still looked brand new. Do youself a favor - spend the money and buy the best. Please watch for a blog post in June 2020 when we'll take these lures out on our super secret musky location and have a serious good time ;) We had footage from September but we lost it...honest...true story...ugh.

Wire-thru construction?

So what is wire-thru construction and why does it matter? For those of you who don't routinely fish for toothy critters - pike, muskie (and walleye to a certain extent) - you won't run into hooks torn from the body of lures very often. Ok, ok...have we had largemouth and catfish do it? Yes. Have we had those nuclear smallmouth from Chequamegon & Dale Hollow do it? Yes. But for the most part, routinely, we run into it more with the toothy beasts. Take a look at the wire-thru xray (#'s 1 & 2) for an example. By the way these are not Phil's lures - but you get the idea. The muskie chew on his lures like corn on the cob as they're coming in...but to no avail...

(Let us know if this is your picture and you'll get a free American Hardwood Lure on us!)

J-Walker $50 Politician $45

Black Glitter

Black Pearl

Black Sucker


Electric Perch


Gila Monster

Guides Pink

Gypsy Skunk

Hot Lace

Hot Musky

Hot Tail

Iguana Green



LOTW Special


Musky Black

Purple Eel


Redwing Blackbird





Wrobel Special

Yellow Perch

Each lure is personally engraved