Become A Craftsmen

The revolution is about to start. For all of you making lures & equipment in your workshops, basements and garages - gone will be the days of trying to get shelf space, dealing with big retail stores that don’t have any room for you, dreaming about how you can be “the next big thing” or simply trying to let people know how good your products are. This is not an arts & crafts and “oh by the way there’s some fishing stuff here too” site - The Local Fisherman is a personal, individualized experience featuring handcrafted, made in the USA products meant for us.   We are actively developing and marketing a well organized site geared for fishing and that’s it. Our goal is to create a place where you sell your products, talk about making your products, network…a complete experience for both craftsmen and customers - made by avid fishermen, for people who like to create products and most of all for people who like to enjoy the outdoors and catch fish.

Free sign on period! Sign up yourself or please feel free to contact us ( and we can create an account for you as well as get you started on listing products - completely free!