Handmade Lure Company - Surface Popper

Handmade Lure Company - Surface Popper

Handmade Lure Company

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Rugged, quality, handmade wooden bass and musky lures from Kurt Dembski of Richmond, IL. These baits are turned out of wood on a lathe, then sealed with an enamel finish, airbrushed patterns are applied and then they are epoxy coated. They are assembled using quality hardware including genuine Eagle Claw hooks which are used to complete the baits. He has truly perfected his craft in these lures with superior responsive action. They are solid and able to really take a beating.

We used these poppers on a cooling lake when largemouth get active there in February/March and had a blast. Perfect for any largemouth or smallmouth; you'll probably need a little more size for pike.

3", 1/2 oz.

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