B & B Custom Outdoors

The Local Fisherman is happy to net yet another expert craftsman here in the USA and another representative of the fine state of Georgia: Brian Avery with B&B Custom Outdoors. We know you'll appreciate Brian's elegant, fine craftsmanship and true artistry he puts into his work:

"I hand-make fine fishing rods for discerning sportsmen and outdoors enthusiasts. Each product is individually made by me, without the use of duplicators or other machinery for mass production. This means every single item has received my full personal attention. My goal is to provide highest-quality hand-made fishing rods from the very finest materials and components available. I intend every item to be a functional work of art that will be a joy to use in the field and behold in the rack."

As we begin to develop our inventory and interactive custom rod building experience please follow Brian here:


Please email me with questions regarding custom orders and current stock: